• Enterprise Asset Management vs Strategic Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management vs Strategic Asset Management

In our last entry, we explained how the use of an asset management system can significantly help you improve your asset management practices. But, what makes a “good” asset management system? An adequate asset management [...]

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  • Get the best out of your assets_

Get the best out of your assets

Asset Management is the practice of managing the entire life-cycle of physical (and non-physical) assets in order to provide the required level of service in the most cost-effective manner, creating the biggest value for your [...]

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  • openchannel_750x300

Predictive maintenance in open channels to save costs and increase customer service

In a time when there is pressure to reduce costs, doing routine or scheduled channel maintenance cleaning weeds and silt channels is a costly option. However, deliveries that fail to meet service standards, unplanned reactive [...]

By |November 8th, 2016|Asset Management|
  • deltares

Delft-FEWS: a fully flexible and extendable data-handling platform

Delft-FEWS is an open, configurable and extendable data handling platform initially developed as a flood forecasting and warning system. Essentially it is a sophisticated collection of modules designed for building a hydrological forecasting system [...]

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  • The Big Rural Data

The Big Rural Data (3): 5 Applications for Customer Services

In previous posts we have explored the benefits of working with big data in both hydrologic and hydraulic services and we have given some examples of data mining based on information that in most [...]

By |August 22nd, 2016|Customer Service, Modelling, Prediction / Forecast|
  • rural_wtaer_intelligence_futurenviro

Rural Water Intelligence. The future of irrigation district management

Improving Present to Secure Future Agriculture is by far the largest consumer of available freshwater. According to the United Nations 70% of freshwater withdrawals from watercourses and groundwater are for agricultural usage, three times [...]

  • intergartion

The Data cycle (II). Data integration

Throughout this Data cycle series, we are having a look at the journey of our data from its generation to its storage and interpretation. In the first chapter, Data generation and collection, we discovered [...]

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  • waspmote_libelium_2

How “IoT” Simplifies Water Quality Monitoring

In my pervious post How the Internet of Things is Changing Irrigation Industry, two leading edge solutions to monitor crops and soils were presented. This chapter we present an ”IoT” solution applied to a key [...]

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