Adasa has been selected to speak at the 2016 Irrigation Australian International Conference to be held in Melbourne between the 24th and 26th of May.  The biennial conference and exhibition is Australasia’s leading irrigation event and approximately 4000+ industry professionals will gather together to get a glimpse of the future of irrigation and issues relating to, or impacting on, irrigation in Australia and across the world.

Irrigation Australia believes the 2016 exhibition is on track to be the most comprehensive and innovative irrigation show to date for the Asia Pacific region.

Adasa and Murrumbidgee Irrigation

Adasa will present a paper entitled “The future of irrigation district management: big data, analytics and business intelligence at Murrumbidgee Irrigation” which is co-authored with Associate Professor John Hornbuckle from Deakin University and Mr Chris Smith from Murrumbidgee Irrigation.

“One of the four megatrends affecting irrigation districts in Australia is increasing digitisation and use of technology”, explains Peter Brew, Adasa’s Head of Strategy for Australia.

“Data from gauging stations and flow meters, aquifers, dams, meteorological sites and a huge range of sensors is growing at 40% per annum and yet studies indicate that less than 5% of this data is analysed.”

“This represents a huge and largely untapped opportunity for irrigation districts to increase productivity, serve customers better and reduce costs through better decision making”, Peter says.

Murrumbidgee Irrigation has stolen a march on the industry over the last two years with their MIOPS Operational and Planning System and today is able to get a single operational overview of their entire network, forecast irrigator demand, identify opportunities for increasing water delivery and generally make better, fact based decisions based on up to date and accurate data.

The presentation will describe what Murrumbidgee Irrigation has achieved and also point to the future of personalised customer service and predictive maintenance of infrastructure which has the potential to save irrigation districts a lot of money.


“The future of irrigation district management: big data, analytics and business intelligence at Murrumbidgee Irrigation”

Date: 24 May 2016, 15 – 17 h

Room: Clarendond D & E

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