About Jordi Ayats

Jordi Ayats is a Project Manager at Adasa. He has worked in wide range of projects including design and implementation of hydrometric and meteorological networks, irrigation scheme modernization projects and decision support systems for the water sector. In recent years he has focused on the development and implementation of smart solutions for water business improving decision making process, customer service and system efficiency. These solutions successfully implemented in organizations and companies such as Water NSW, Murrumbidgee Irrigation Ltd. and Goulburn–Murray Water have been the foundations of the Rural Water Intelligence. Jordi holds a degree in Civil engineering and a Msc in Hydro-informatics and water management.
Project Manager @ Adasa
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Rural Water Intelligence. The future of irrigation district management

Improving Present to Secure Future Agriculture is by far the largest consumer of available freshwater. According to the United Nations 70% of freshwater withdrawals from watercourses and groundwater are for agricultural usage, three times more than 50 years ago. By 2050, the global water demand of agriculture is estimated to increase by a further [...]

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How “IoT” Simplifies Water Quality Monitoring

In my pervious post How the Internet of Things is Changing Irrigation Industry, two leading edge solutions to monitor crops and soils were presented. This chapter we present an ”IoT” solution applied to a key player of the irrigation business, the water, and in particular its quality. The water quality used for irrigation is essential [...]

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  • How the Internet of Things is Changing Irrigation Industry

How the Internet of Things is Changing Irrigation Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT), sometimes referred to as the Internet of Objects represents the next evolution of the Internet, taking a huge leap in its ability to gather, analyze, and distribute data that we can turn into information, knowledge, and, ultimately, wisdom.  In this context, IoT will become immensely important in Irrigation Industry [...]

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In RWI, 1+1=3

Synergy is a term used to describe when the creation of a whole is greater than the simple sum of its parts.  Probably you have heard this term when talking about human interaction (example: team work planning) or from analyst and stakeholders talking about mergers and acquisitions, but this phenomenon is ubiquitous and appears in [...]

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5 Most common questions about Rural Water Intelligence

When we first talk with potential customers usually they ask us very similar questions. This post has the intention to collect the most common questions raised from these initial contacts and provide their answers. I hope this post will bring light on these initial uncertainties and it will help to better understand the Rural Water [...]

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Improving Irrigation Efficiency and Customer Service

Faced with the challenge of future changes in water availability, Murrumbidgee Irrigation had to understand better the hydraulics of their distribution networks to improve distribution efficiency but without compromising the best possible service to irrigators. To do this, Murrumbidgee Irrigation Ltd (MI) engaged Adasa to implement a Decision Support System to improve the day to [...]

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Innovative Irrigation Operation and Planning System at HWRS 2015 in Hobart

36th Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (HWRS 2015), hosted by Engineers Australia and its National Committee on Water Engineering, is Australia’s leading symposium devoted to hydrology and water resource that took place in Hobart (Tasmania) from 7 to 10 December 2015. This year HWRS promoted a special season about decision support and operational hydrology and [...]

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