What has been the impact of data on agriculture and rural development? In many countries, agriculture accounts for the overwhelming majority of rural employment. Climate change and uncertain commodity prices have worsened agrarian conditions for many rural communities. Data management, despite their late entry into agrarian communities, are already helping to improve their agricultural efficiency.

Weather data, hydraulic and water quality simulation models are now necessary tools for best management the water resources.

But how user experience design make sense of this big data?

Big data is just what it sounds like; data so big that it’s not easily processed through conventional methods. However, once this large data set is eventually distilled down, user experience can play a huge role in making sense of the reports and leading the charge for user-centered solutions.

User experience (UX) is the bridge between big data analytics and the end user. The richness of big data being collected by all types of companies has unleashed a treasure trove of information for user experience designers. UX designers can create more robust solutions for users by analyzing these enormous data sets.

Visualization of big data.

Big data and UX can also intersect in the world of data visualization. Data visualization is a form of visual communication where data is presented in a graphical format. The presentation of complex data in a visual way allows people to more easily comprehend and make sense of a big data set.

An excellent example of this intersection between user experience and data visualization is information dashboards.

Adasa and Murrumbidgee Irrigation

Dashboards take big data and turn them into data visualizations in the form of graphs and charts that make it easier for the user to quickly understand and parse through the copious amounts of data under the surface.

User experiences come in towards the end of this process to ensure that the big data is distilled down and visualized in such a way that it not only makes sense to the user but meets her needs and goals as well.