In my pervious post How the Internet of Things is Changing Irrigation Industry, two leading edge solutions to monitor crops and soils were presented. This chapter we present an ”IoT” solution applied to a key player of the irrigation business, the water, and in particular its quality.

The water quality used for irrigation is essential for the yield and quality of crops, maintenance of soil productivity and protection of the environment. For example:

  • Excess of salts reduce water availability to the crop to such an extent that yield is affected.
  • Certain ions (sodium, chloride, or boron) accumulated in a sensitive crop to concentrations high enough can cause crop damage and reduce yields.
  • Excessive nutrients reduce yield or quality, unsightly deposits on fruit or foliage reduce marketability.


Waspmote Plug & Sense! powered by an external solar panel  Photo: Libelium©

Waspmote is a Smart Water wirelesss sensor platform developed by Libelium to simplify remote water quality monitoring. Equipped with multiple low-power sensors that measure a dozen of the most relevant water quality parameters, Waspmote provides real-time water monitoring based on cloud service through cellular (3G, GPRS, WCDMA) and long range 802.15.4/ZigBee (868/900MHz) connectivity. Also full autonomy can be obtained by coupling a solar panel to charge the battery.

Waspmote Smart Water is an improvement on existing water quality monitoring devices in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and low operational costs. By the “Plug&Sense” concept installation takes just minutes because no wiring is necessary.

 “Waspmote Smart Water is a solution that simplifies remote water quality monitoring. It can help farmers to improve their business profitability and irrigation companies to better manage their water resources.”