Business Intelligence. Big Data. Data Mining. Modelling. Forecasting. These are concepts that probably you already know or you will be hearing from very soon. Those concepts cannot exist without Data – we have already talked about that in these pages.

Big data

But these concepts are not just about collecting and storing your data. This data means nothing if it is kept in silos and cannot be shared within your organisation or if it is not accessible by other systems. The power of your data is unleashed once you make it available and once you, all your colleagues and, even better, other systems inside your organisation can have access to this data and make it profitable.

Data integration layer. Enterprise Service Bus. Single Source of Truth. APIs. Data Exchange formats. Data Services standards. Data Warehouse. These are the new concepts you will want to learn to make your data available and to leverage all its benefits.

Building a proper Data Management Framework for your organisation where all your data is available, not replicated and always up-to-date may not seem easy, but choosing the right tools and taking the necessary strategic decisions can help a lot in these tasks.


In Adasa we have spent the last 10 years managing rural water data and making it available so our clients can take the best of it with the lesser efforts. The data availability, among others, is one of the core principles of the Rural Water Intelligence.

IBM Optim framework