WEAM4i (Water & Energy Advanced Management for Irrigation) is a research&innovation action co-funded by the European Union. Like in all research projects under Fp7 framework, several complex and innovative solutions has been developed, deployed and demonstrated.

One of the main innovative solutions is a transversal smart irrigation management based in different tools integrated in a software as a Service platform (SaaS).  The WEAM4i SaaS platform can be summarized in the following concepts:

  • Real knowledge of the status of the crops:
    • Using remote sensing techniques.
    • Knowledge of past and recent measurement of the irrigation water applied.
    • Modelling the status of each crop/field.
  • Water demand forecast, based on:
    • Status of the crops and their actual water needs (output of the previous point)
    • Weather forecast (future precipitation and other related info).
  • Optimal hydraulic scheme management:
    • Water demand forecast (output of the previous point)
    • Model of the hydraulic scheme.
    • Energy price forecast


The WEAM4i SaaS platform is mainly composed of:

  • Decision Support tools (DSS): Innovative water & energy smart grid for irrigation: matching demand-side management with available energy offer. The final step of the DSS obtains the best possible management strategy from an optimal mathematic solver
  • ICT Platform, Webportal and Android App:  Innovative integration approach: an ICT/cloud platform based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for weather forecast, remote sensing data, and other services, applications and historical data

Thanks to this modules and phases, WEAM4i SaaS platform helps the end user to achieve the main following benefits:

  • Knowledge of the real water needs of the crops -> Improvement of crop per drop (kg of production per m3 of irrigated water) (kg/m3) KPI, i.e. avoiding crop stress or irrigation over field capacity
  • Hydraulic scheme management set points that guarantee to cover the demand at the minimum possible cost ->  Improvement of energy unit cost (Euros/MWh)  KPI

Along the implementation of the WEAM4i project  has been demonstrated that concepts like Industrial Internet Of Things, Modeling, Optimization methodologies and Forecast services, added together, can empower the Rural Water Intelligence  approach in the nowadays technology era.

For further aspects about all the different solutions, technical details and companies (or organizations) involved, please visit the weam4i.eu project web.

WEAM4i was co-funded by the seventh framework programme (FP7/2007-2013), under grant agreement No 619061, within the WATER INNO&DEMO CALL 2013.